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Book: Portrait of a City
Book: Portrait of a City

From the Ruhr district of the Middle Ages to the modern university city, Amberg has left a long trail behind itself. Almost 1000 years have left their mark, melding streets, plazas, houses, and also people into a colorful, lively unity. Portrait of a City is two things at once: a journey of discovery and an invitation.

Available in German and English.

29.50 euros

Book: The Yolk of the Egg
Book: The Yolk of the Egg

Tours through Amberg's old city for tourists and art lovers. Tour recommendations with detailed descriptions of sights.

Available in German and English.

9.90 euros

Book: Amberg
Book: Amberg

This illustrated book shows the city of Amberg in all its charming facets.

Available in German and English.

18.50 euros

Sheepshead set
Sheepshead set

The core of the Amberg sheepshead set features the artistically-designed sheepshead game with historical images from around the city of Amberg. Part of this set is the rule book, first printed in Amberg in 1895. In addition, it contains a new rule book as well as a brochure with background information. This is rounded out by four coin bowls and a dealer button made of wood. The Amberg sheepshead set is limited to 3000 copies.

Set: 18.90 euros
Play & 3 booklets: 10.00 euros
Play alone: 4.50 euros
Booklets (3 in a set): 6.00 euros


An original gift with the Amberg woodcut from 1583, long overlooked. The lithophany lantern made out of German bisque porcelain shows the oldest preserved view of the city done by the painter Hans Kannlpaldung.

12.50 euros


The Amberg city hall with marketplace, 1000 pieces, 680 x 480 mm

12.00 euros

Amberg 1904 - 500-piece puzzle
Amber 1904 - 500-piece puzzle

This high-quality puzzle measuring 48 x 34 cm offers a fantastic look back to the Schiffgasse with the basilica of St. Martin in 1904. The viewer is drawn in irresistibly to a not-so-long-ago past not only by the numerous obvious differences, but also by a myriad of small details that offer many hours of puzzling fun. Available in the Amberg city archive, in Tourist Information, and in assorted stores.

5.00 euros


Only in Tourist-Information
Wine gift
Wine gift

Where woods and vineyards meet and where the towering rocks of the Wasgau form a harmonious unity with the German wine road, lies Bad Bergzabern. In 2006 the city subsidiary Stadtbau GmbH purchased for Amberg a vineyard on the hills of Bad Bergzabern. On the nearly 1500 square meters are cultivated half Riesling and half Pinot noir. Riesling 2007 "Amberg vines" friendship and godfather wine Pinot noir 2006 "Amberg vines" friendship and godfather wines raised and pressed in Bad Bergzabern, Knöll & Vogel Vineyard motif design done by artist Otmar Alt.

19.80 euros
Available as long as supply allows! Glasses not contained in set!

Only available in Tourist Information!

Winter king bock beer fire liqueur
Winter king bock beer fire liqueur

Amberg bock beer fire liqueur is especially suitable as an aperitif, but also as a specialty for unique occasions. A delicacy from the city on the Vils with a mild malt flavor, brewed from the best bock beer.

30% vol. in 2 sizes

0.35 l 12.90 euros
0.10 l 4.90 euros

Only available in Tourist Information!

Winter queen liqueur
Winter queen liqueur

Another particular specialty from the beer city of Amberg. A liqueur brewed from the best wheat beer.

30% vol. in 3 sizes

0.35 l: 9.90 euros
0.10 l: 3.90 euros
0.04 l: 1.90 euros

Only available in Tourist Information!

Gambrinus beer-based brandy
Gambrinus beer-based brandy

On its twenty-fifth anniversary the Amberg tourism office unveiled Amberg beer-based brandy, a light drop.

38% vol in 2 sizes:

0.50 l: 9.60 euros
0.04l : 2.60 euros

Only available in Tourist Information!

Faß gefüllt mit Bieren aus Amberg
Amberger Faßl

The Amberg Fassl, which contains selected samples from Amberg breweries, is the perfect souvenir. Amberg, where beer is at home. Ambergers are reputed to be a beer-loving people. 36,000 buckets of beer in a year, says the chronicle of 1564; that means 26,900 hectoliters - the upper palatinate cities of the Vils were already brewing this much at that time. And this amount does not include that created for personal use. At one time all citizens of Amberg had the right to brew beer, even professionally. An ordinance issued by the city council in 1456 reads: " ... and everyone who lives here, whether he be a craftsman, a beer brewer, or another, may brew and have brewed as much as he is able." Even ten years ago, there were still ten breweries that were brewing their fine Amberg beer specialties in the "secret capital of the Upper Palatinate." Bruckmüller, Kummert, Sterk, Schloderer, Sudhang, and Winkler still have their own brew houses to this day. Good beers, brewed according to traditional brewing recipes handed down over time, are also provided by the Maltese, Brauhaus, Schießl, Falk, and Jordan breweries. As a reminder, Ambergers keep this specialty ready: "The Amberg Fassl" with samples from all the breweries of Amberg, with 10 bottles of various types of beer.

19.50 euros

Only available in Tourist Information!

"Friedrich Weisse" gift package
"Friedrich Weisse" gift package

Prince Friedrich V of the Palatinate, born in Amberg and known to history as the "Winter king," confirmed numerous charters for the citizens of Amberg. On October 26th, 1617 he issued a wheat beer and brewing ordinance, the so-called "wheat beer charter," for Amberg. This charter allowed the citizens of Amberg to brew and enjoy the - then as now - sought-after wheat beer. This gift packet, looking back to those days, contains two bottles of King Friedrich wheat beer from the Kummert brewery with its self-created logo and a fitting wheat beer glass.

6.50 euros

Only available in Tourist Information!

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