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Facts about the city of Amberg

Modern center with tradition.

The independent city of Amberg is located in an area with favourable weather, nested by the river Vils between the Franconian Jura and the Upper Palatine Forest.

Population 44.054
Area 5004 ha
Altitude 373 meters above sea level
Geographic location 66 km east of Nuremberg, 68 km north of Regensburg and 64 km west of the Czech Republic
Supra-regional transport connections Bundesautobahn (federal motorway) Amberg-Nuremberg-Heilbronn (A6 or E 12)
Highwaays 85 und 299
Railway track Nürnberg-Schwandorf
Airplane landing place Schmidgaden
Nearest airport Nürnberg (66 km)
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