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The Mountain is Calling!

The Franciscans on the Mariahilfberg belong to Amberg just like the Stadtbrille and the City Hall. They are not only a religious institution, they also watch over the tradition of the most beloved Amberg festival – the mountain festival!

It is impossible to properly describe what constitutes the particular charm of this experience – you simply have to experience it for yourself! It is likely the natural coexistence of spiritual and physical enhancement – without the urban hype and hustle and bustle. How beautiful it is to instead sit together with like-minded people under tents and shady trees!

Where the spirit and the soul refresh themselves the body should also partake. Thousands of people from near and far make a pilgrimage to the Mariahilfberg on July 2nd in accordance with this old saying. Many first attend the sermon, while at the same time others stop in one of the Amberg brewery tents. Many „emigrants“ also return to their homeland for the mountain festival to meet with friends, relatives, and earlier classmates, to talk, to eat, and to drink. Beer and grilled sausages, cheese and spitzl, radishes and cabbage, Turkish honey, pictures of the Virgin Mary, rosaries, and tempest candles are offered. When the fathers at last turn off the lights at ten o’clock, it is finally time for the pilgrims, who have become sanctified through the journey to the church and through worldly manna, to again return to the valley below.

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