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Felslandschaft im Wald

Destinations in the area

Destinations in the area

There is an abundance of things to discover in the sightworthy surroundings.



Distance approximately 20 km
Information Here you can visit an old castle ruin and the pilgrimage church of Stettkirchen; even hikers and climbers will find something to enjoy.
Contact Phone +49 9626/9211-0


Distance approximately 45 km, direction of Vohenstrauß
Information Castle ruins, one of the largest castle complexes of the Upper Palatinate
Tours available: Phone +49 9659/785
Castle festival from June to September.
Contact Phone +49 9626/9211-0


Distance approximately 40 km, direction of Regensburg
Information Over 1000-year-old castle complex with local history museum
Contact Phone +49 9492/15 05

Prunn Castle

Distance approximately 40 km, direction of Regensburg
Information Prunn Castle towers over a jurassic rock above the Altmühl valley. Over the course of the century the original romanesque castle underwent numerous expansions.
Contact Phone +49 9442/33 32

Theme Parks


Distance approximately 50 km
Information Theme park for children.
Contact Phone +49 9244/98 90

Thurn Palace Experience Park

Distance approximately 80 km (between Nuremberg and Bamberg)
Information A theme park for the old and the young.
Contact Phone +49 9190/9 29 80

Forest House (Wild Boar's Enclosure)

Distance approximately 12 km
Information Worthwhile destination with a children's play area.
Contact Phone +49 9621/8 11 84


Upper Palatinate Folklore Museum, Burglengenfeld

Distance approximately 50 km
Information In 36 departments the museum displays objects from the everyday culture and lifestyle of the rural, craft, and industrial population of the Upper Palatinate of the last 200 years.
Contact Phone +49 9471/60 25 83


Distance approximately 40 km (in the Vils valley)
Information Fishing and winter sports museum, castle ruins.
Contact Phone +49 9473/2 39

Kastl Private Local History Museum

Distance approximately 25 km
Information The museum, housed in an old forging master’s house, presents rural and crafting cultural heritage and devices, upper palatinate dress, and all the furnishings of the farmhouse.
Contact Phone +49 9625/91173

Open-Air Museum in Neusath - Perschen

Distance 35 km
Information The upper palatinate open-air museum of the upper palatinate region in Neusath bei Nabburg offers a glimpse into the farming life of earlier times.
Contact Phone +49 9433/24 42-0

School Museum in Sulzbach-Rosenberg

Distance approximately 12 km
Information The development of school life in Bavaria and especially in the Upper Palatinate from the nineteenth to the twentieth century is presented in thirteen rooms. Tour available.
Contact Phone +49 9661/75 33

City Museum in Sulzbach-Rosenberg

Distance approximately 12 km
Information The museum gives a broad overview about city history and the principality of Sulzbach, in which was written an unparalleled history of religious tolerance (Simultaneum). In the adjacent barn are located departments on the industrial history of the Max Cabin and the production of colored clay and ore in Sulzbach-Rosenberg.
Contact Phone +49 9661/510-131

Schwandorf City Museum

Distance approximately 26 km
Information In an exhibition area of approximately 650 square meters the history of the city of Schwandorf and its close surroundings is documented in seventeen rooms.
Contact Phone +49 9431/4 15 53

Mining and Industrial Museum of Eastern Bavaria in Theuern

Distance ca. 8 aapproximately 8 km
Information The greater area of Amberg assumed a continually leading role in the mining sector thanks to its rich ore deposits. In the late Middle Ages the Upper Palatinate achieved the rank of a European iron center.
Tour available with prior notice.
Contact Phone +49 9624/8 32

First German Watchmen's Museum in Vilseck

Distance approximately 20 km
Information This special museum is devoted to the long upper palatinate tradition of the watchmen.
Contact Phone +49 9662/70 18 11


King Otto Cave

Distance approximately 45 km
Information See the Adventhalle in Velburg in the Upper Palatinate Jura Mountains. Velburg lies near the Autobahn A3 between Nuremberg and Regensburg.

Opening times: 1 April to 31 October
Contact Phone +49 9182/9 30 20

Maximilian Grotto

Distance approximately 35 km (B 85 at Auerbach)
Information A powerful witness to millions of years: the iceberg - Germany's largest dripstone.
Contact Phone +49 9156/4 34

Easter Cave

Distance approximately 20 km
Information Lies between Neukirchen and Sulzbach-Rosenberg and can be visited from Good Friday until the last Sunday in October.
Contact Phone +49 9663/17 18 or +49 9661/6962

Further Attractions

Baroque Church in Ensdorf

Distance approximately 14 km
Information The splendid baroque church of the Benedictine abbey with the valuable fresco by Cosmas Damian Asam is worth a look.
Contact Phone +49 9624/28 20

Monte Kaolino in Hirschau

Distance 15 km
Information 200-meter summer ski run, climbing park, summer toboggan run.
Summer skiing on Monte Kaolino, the largest mountain heaped up from the sand of Kaolino, an attraction for young and old.
Contact Phone +49 9622/8 15 02

Kastl Cloister Church

Distance approximately 25 km
Information Visit the romanesque Katsl cloister church, with its numerous artistic treasures.
Contact Phone +49 9625/9 20 40

Upper Palatinate Lake Country

Distance approximately 30 km (Schwandorf - Wackersdorf - Steinberg)
Information In the Upper Palatinate woods nature park.
Steinberger See, Klausensee, Murnersee, Brückelsee, Ausee and Lindensee
Contact Phone +49 9431/75 93 40


Distance approximately 12 km
Information Stalwart towers, powerful walls, a proud palace, and a medieval old city of very unique charm, embedded in lush greenery - this is Sulzbach-Rosenberg, the ducal town in the Upper Palatinate Jura Mountains.
Contact Phone +49 9661/510 110
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