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Bicycle paths around Amberg

The city of Amberg and its surrounding area have become an insider tip for cyclists. Numerous bicycle paths attract the cyclist to the most beautiful destinations in the city and in the state. Go on a tour of discovery.
Zwei Radfahrer auf dem Fünf-Flüsse-Radweg
Five Rivers Bike Path

The Five Rivers bike path is a true bicyclist’s classic. It offers natural beauty and uniqueness, variety, and countless sights. A cycling experience of highest quality on the Vils, Naab, Altmühl, Donau, and Pegnitz rivers.



Schweppermann bicycle path
Schweppermann bicycle path

A highly varied bicycle path, somewhat more demanding in the western, of a more level stretch in the eastern part. Journey through the Amberg-Bodenwöhr bay. Gain views of our historical old city and learn more about the early cloister foundation of Kastl.
A wonderful bike path on little-traveled lanes as well as separate bicycle paths along the former train line.


Bavaria-Bohemia Cycle Trail
Bavaria-Bohemia Cycle Trail

Overcome boundaries in the heart of Europe – this motto could stand for the EUREGIO EGRENSIS Bavaria-Bohemia cycle trail. With its 580 kilometers of length it makes accessible the northern Upper Palatinate as well as the adjacent region around Tachov.

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