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Wanderer im Gras

Hiking paths

Experience nature first-hand. Hiking maps are available at Tourist-Information.
Vils valley hiking path
Vils valley hiking path
A hiking tour from the source to the mouth.

The Vils distinguishes our district. In its northern part the wide valleys of the Vilseck and the depressions of Hahnbach can be seen, from Amberg it is laid out in a deep majestic valley among the stones of the Jura mountains.

Magnificent scenic views of the upper palatinate hill country, with its narrow valley incisions, offer themselves to the hiker. On the undercut slopes grow infrequent orchids. Keuper and Jura limestone create the ideal subsoil for dry grassland, junipers, and blackthorn bushes.

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Water hiking path
Water hiking path

From the linden fountain to the old pumping station

Hike in the woods and experience how the water supply functions. Experience it yourself.

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Ore path
Ore path

Through the land of the thousand fires

Open landscapes with meadows and fields alternate with attractive woods and rocky landscapes bathed in sunlight. Characteristic for the ore path is the transition between small idyllic villages, carefully-farmed croplands, and unspoiled natural environments. Many paths close to nature lead the hiker over mountains and valleys, along streams, over narrow paths, and past small chapels to traditional resting points. The dolomite and limestone deposits are emphasized as a specialty of the region around the ore path, turning hiking into a natural history experience.

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Amberg’s Sculpture Path

Amberg’s Sculpture Path is situated in the recreational area, formerly the site of the Bavarian Garden Show that took place in Amberg in 1996.
The starting point was the collection of works of art that had been created for the Bavarian Garden Show and has since been successively enlarged.  Works of art already present before the Show were also integrated into the Sculpture Path.  Amberg’s Sculpture Path comprises a total of 26 works by 23 artists, and is accessible throughout the year.  Some of the sculptures were created at artists’ symposia.
The artists come not only from Amberg and the region, but also from countries in Europe and overseas.  Starting and finishing by the Town Spectacles, the Sculpture Path is about 3.5 km long.

Ground experience path

Welcome to Amberg’s ground experience path on the Mariahilfberg!

A stroll through this 1.5-kilometer length on the Mariahilfberg will be an experience for you – the visitor! Here you can immediately experience the „skin of the earth,“ the ground, so often remaining hidden, with all your senses. At ten stations you will be invited to observe the ground from another perspective, through touch and experience. What is the ground and where does it come from? Is there also life in the ground? Why do we need the ground?

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